Xong Dat - Beautiful traditions of Vietnam's Tet

Xong Dat – Beautiful traditions of Vietnam’s Tet

Traditional New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. This is an opportunity to gather family, reunited together after long days of hard work. For thousands of years, the Vietnamese customs remain beautiful in the traditional New Year’s Day: Playing flowers, package rice cake tet, Eve, celebrate early age … and one day Lunar New Year customs it’s important to keep first broke ground – a longstanding tradition meant good life, their aspirations for prosperity, wellbeing of the elders at the turn of the new year.

Vietnamese people believe, the first morning of the year is when everything started, fresh pristine everyone to keep from eating the voice said to the walk, visit each other. They expect early morning gentle with people eating, thriving, cheerful … entered the house first. Broke ground by affecting the destiny of the homeowners in the new year.

Broke ground hours after the countdown begins onwards, when the clock signal has passed the old year, New Year. Way home from New Year’s Eve stormed often let family members take the steam itself. It is easy to choose a person will chickened out of the house before the countdown, when returning home after hour countdown, this man “rushed home”, bring goodness to the family throughout the year according to the ancient notion.

With outsiders, the best time to come land is a mosquito morning. Who stormed the home land through an acquaintance, a friend carefully chosen must be old age with the animal owner and the representative of that year, in particular to avoid age “four operating momentum”. Another important thing when someone broke ground must have cheerful, spacious, well-being to ensure homeowners are lucky prosperous new year.

Riders broke ground, to dress up and bring a small gift for the family little as cakes, candy, tea, medicine or lucky money to children of the home. Broke ground who would wish the owner the good wishes of health, luck, fortune, found fortune. If the aging parents they wish, “the Centennial Break”, if the trader is “merchant may sell expensive”, having children are happy children “eat big fast”, “good student, obedient” … Homeowners warm welcome and receive the blessing.

Then the landlord wishes also stormed the house guests the good wishes: to finance the development, distribution and fortune, prosperity … and treated to dishes or drinks often during Tet such as bread, jam, a glass of wine or cup of tea. The landlord has had to come land then sitting in the first day of the New Year does not affect homeowners even good people chickened out or not.

Over time, these ancient traditions have lost much or there are changes to match the current life. Continue “broke ground” too, people still go to Vietnam to come land relative, a friend, but they see it as a fun day festival rather heavy early luck story as before. So both land and homeowners who burn are comfortable, gently.

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