We go find research: December 23 each year as "Mr Gong Mr. Apples ceremony" in Vietnam

We go find research: December 23 each year as “Mr Gong Mr. Apples ceremony” in Vietnam

Mr Gong Mr. Apples ceremony – In Vietnam folk beliefs, Kitchen derived from three Gods Turkish Public, Aboriginal Land, Turkey Chinese Taoist States but is Vietnam into legendary area “2 Mr. 1 Mrs.” – Land gods, gods home, kitchen god. Yet people still used collectively, the Kitchen or Kitchen.

In Vietnam, the Kitchen God was the oral area, and then record, so there are differences in the details, the contents are summarized as follows:

Cao Trong Thi Nhi whose wife live together for a long time without children, born out of sadness, or a brawler. One day, Trong Cao angry, beat his wife. Thi Nhi left home later met and satisfied as his wife on Lang. When Cao Trong not mad wife, I also think the error should go find a wife. When searching for money are spent to bring high weight had to go begging.

As to the prog house Cao Trong Thi Nhi, the two sides recognized each other. Cao Trong Thi Nhi procession to the house, two storytellers and Thi Nhi express regret for failing taken on Lang as a husband.

Pham Lang returned home, fearing husband caught Trong Cao here is hard to explain, so Cao Trong Thi Nhi sure garden hidden in haystacks. Pham Lang on the mainland to burn straw to get the ashes fertilize fields. Trong Cao did not dare come out to die burnt. Thi Nhi indoor running out see Trong Cao died by their placement should dive into the straw burning to death follow.

Pham Lang met the unexpected situation, seeing how unknown dead wife, jumped into the straw burning to death in his wife.

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The soul of the three were put on God. God saw that the three of them, so the Kitchen God ordained to do, collectively referred to as: Dinh Phuc Kitchen God, but each with one job:

  • Pham Lang as Turks Co., oversees the kitchen. Title Tao Dong Tru Face Justice Minister Shen Quan
  • Weight Cao as Turkey Location, oversees the house. Title: Turkey Location Ton Shen Long Circuits
  • Thi Nhi do Turks States, supervising the markets. Title Ngu Phuc Duc Chanh Phuong Than Five Islands.

This legend expressed permeated the daily life of the Vietnamese. In the old kitchen, usually have three, “he started vegetable” – ie three islands clay pot for green millet modular kitchen, two smaller islands island Tuesday. And people have the custom of worshiping “the two men she”, December 23 each year as “Kitchen ceremony”, “Mr. Gong his Apple Festival,” “Apples to bid him farewell adoration God”…

It is very possible the influence of customary worship of fire – a longstanding tradition of many peoples, but how to express in each country is different. For example, in China, since ancient times, Kitchen (also known as “Apples god”, “Apple King”, “Mr. Apple”) was considered one of the seven gods people worship throughout the land. But the source of the inconsistency Kitchen. As of Huainan Zi, Yan Emperor (that Shen Nong) bring fire to the people, so when death is worshiped as god of the kitchen.

Books Lüshi Chunqiu considers Happy new solution is managing the fire god (by Yan Emperor brought) to the dead people do worship the god of fire. As of Atlantic magazine back then told: fire god looks like a nice girl, named Zhang Dan Guava or, name is Zi Guo, moonless days skyward often said before about the person at fault …

Verbal reports of Chinese people believe that the former chef to the sky every month on every night (the last day of the lunar month) to report on each person in each family (especially on the women do bad); later, he pointed to the sky each year once on 23 or 24 December. Until that day, the Chinese presented the altar near the kitchen, cozy king kitchen with meat, fish, rice wine, confectionery; Special additional national and hay (for horses chef “eat” to fly and carry the king to heaven – other than to us, riding Kitchen carp skyward).

Why do apples carp back riding to heaven but not other animals?

Customs of Vietnam, on 23 December, which also houses flanking the sun off onto his Apple. On the altar there are three new hat with paper: a yellow in the middle and black on the sides – the two men, a lady – no canopy, floral offerings just after 3 carp are swimming in brass pots. 3 carp makes sense to do “horse” to force Apple to flanking sun. After being burned cozy hat and carp were brought to the drop in ponds, lakes, rivers …

Kitchen Festival on December 23 – one day see this as “chef” on adoration to God answered before cooking, work and family behavior in the past year.

Mr. Apples carp back riding to heaven
Mr. Apples carp back riding to heaven

On 23 Festival, the housewives of each family were carrying bags prepared Market for Kitchen feast offerings. An indispensable in the market this morning is carp.

Carp Gold aka (Carp Fairy) is a species of live animals in the Heavenly Palace, before living in the sky, due to errors committed, should be banished God came to earth to redeem Spiritual sin their causes. After adopts Spiritual fruit, the carp will be transformed into a dragon and fly to heaven. But Mr. Tao was sent down by God to track worldly man, who is the Good, the Evil.

Then the Kitchen Heaven fly to Wudi to God things earthly But God wants to soar, the Kitchen God to resort to new carp up.

Making his sacrifice Co. Mr. Apples customized offer tray folds each home but usually include:

  • “Costumes” of Mr Gong Mr. Apples.
  • Three carp gold (small to worship), remember to at lest tall vase fish jump out. However there is a need not fish for carp has often supplied in paper bag “costume”. Houses near lakes, rivers and streams should buy raw fish, offer complete, bringing the drop (if there are children, let them go fish and explained to the children know the good manners). Stocking is done, please remember not to throw plastic bags into rivers lest regarded as not being launched not only students but also entangled in slaughtering industry.

This year round the Kitchen God only in the kitchen, said everything in the house, so to King Kitchen “supporting” yourself a lot of luck in the new year, people often send off ceremony Apple of adoration of God has come solemn.

The hat Mr. Gong three or three engines: two men and a hat hat woman
The hat Mr. Gong three or three engines: two men and a hat hat woman

Quan also offerings include: hat Mr. Gong three or three engines: two men and a hat hat woman. Hats for him, there are two wings of dragonfly Apples, Apples hat she is not flying wing. These caps are jewelery with small circular mirror and the second sparkling colorful brocade. For simplicity, sometimes people only represent a deck offering his hat Co. (two-winged dragonflies) are accompanied by a shirt and a pair of hia paper.

The map “votive” This (hat, coat, and some bullion hia paper) will be burned after his sacrifice Apples on December 23 along with all the old location. Later it was established for Apples new tablet Gong.

Under the old procedure, particularly for those with children, it was Quan also a boiled chicken anymore. Boiled chicken must have each episode of chicken-raising (ie big new chicken) to imply by the Kitchen God pleased with the Jade Emperor for the child later grew up with more vigor and vitality as chickens stalked scaly!

In addition, to the Mr. and Mrs. Apple have the means of attending to the sky, in the North they also offer a carp alive in a pot of water drop, implying “long and the fish” means fish will turn into Dragon put Apple of His heaven. Carp will “launch Birth” (released lakes or river after worship).

At Central, we offer a horse with saddle paper, complete outline. Also in the south, the more simple, offering only a hat, shirt and pair hia paper is enough.

Depending on the family situation, in addition to the aforementioned gifts, people or salty ceremony (with sticky rice and chicken, boiled pork leg, cook mushroom dishes, asparagus …) or oblation (with betel leaves, flowers, fruits , yellow paper, foil …) to see off the Kitchen.

Apples must be placed in the kitchen, the kitchen offered to turn up for burning, trays threads

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