Vietnam - Hidden beauty with top 5 destinations

Vietnam – Hidden beauty with top 5 destinations

Vietnam – If you are Travellers and If resort towns are not your thing,check out these quiet and rustic Vietnam destinations along the central coast. Here are a few suggestions for you

1. Hang Rai in Ninh Thuan Province.

Hang Rai, a perfect complex of rock formations and fossilised coral reefs lying by the sea, is touted as a one-of-a-kind wonder.

It is in Vinh Hy Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the country and only about 40km from the coastal City of Phan Rang in Ninh Thuan Province.
Hang Rai is located inside Vinh Hy Bay, only about 40 kilometers from Phan Rang and accessible by car or motorbike. Located on the main North-South railway line, Phan Rang shares with the more famous Nha Trang the Cam Ranh International Airport. If your journey starts in Nha Trang, a bus to Phan Rang will serve you well. Vinh Hy offers a complete spectrum of accomodation, ranging from the luxury Amanoi Resort to $15 rooms or even cheaper at local hostels. The range of activities on offer includes swimming, fishing and rock climbing.

2. Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa.

Located 25km from Cuc Phuong National Park, Pu Luong Nature Reserve attracted visitors with its pristine and tranquil ambience.

Though the central province of Thanh Hoa is still a lesser-known destination on the local tourism map, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, just 130 kilometers northwest of its namesake city, has stolen travelers’ hearts with its pristine nature and tranquil ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Surrounded by spectacular limestone mountains, Pu Luong is best enjoyed in October when golden-yellow terraced rice fields glisten in the light cold of autumn.

No hotels or resorts can be found there, but homestay services allow you to experience the culture and daily life of ethnic people who mostly make a living from farming. Last but not least, try the local delicacies cooked fresh using homegrown ingredients.

The cost for a night ranges from VND50,000 ($2.19) to VND70,000 ($3.07).

3. Green Island in Binh Dinh.

Situated 24km from the coast of Quy Nhon Town in Binh Dinh Province, Green Island is home to around 3,000 residents who make a living mainly by fishing.

This island off Vietnam’s central coast sits 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Quy Nhon Town in Binh Dinh Province and is home to around 3,000 residents who chiefly eke out a living by fishing.

The secret island has yet to be engulfed by the tourist traps and claws of urbanization, leaving it a pure beauty like what nature has conferred. Don’t expect fancy services as tourism is still a new concept on this island.

Between February and June is the best time to enjoy a trip to Green Island but avoid the time around the end of July and early August when unexpected storms can ruin your travel experience.

4. Vung Ro in Phu Yen.

A historical wartime site in central Vietnam, Vung Ro has come a long way since, morphing into a beautiful travel destination. Situated 33 km south of Tuy Hoa, the capital of Phu Yen Province, Vung Ro has been a trendy destination among Vietnamese after featuring in the award-winning Vietnamese movie Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass directed by Victor Vu.

Once a historical site during war time, Vung Ro Bay has come a long way to resuscitate into a beautiful travel destination in central Vietnam.

Vung Ro, which was named among the seven most beautiful bays in Southeast Asia by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, promises to enchant you with deserted beaches that boast crystal blue waters and stretches of white sands.

5. Mooc Stream in Quang Binh.

Only 20 minutes from the world-famous Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park by car, Mooc Stream leaves a strong impression on tourists with its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich bio-diversity and fun sporting activities.

Being just one of countless of natural wonders that can be found in Quang Binh Province, Moc Stream has yet to be featured on tourist maps, unlike the famous Nhat Le Beach or Son Doong, the world’s largest and arguably most magnificent cave.

Enjoy the nature at Moc Stream in your own way: swimming, rope-swinging, kayaking, rowing or night camping.

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