Top 5 excellent tourist destinations in central Vietnam

Top 5 excellent tourist destinations in central Vietnam

Central Vietnam, including North Central, South Central and Central Highlands, is the intersection of majestic natural and cultural rivers. Central Vietnam also possesses white sandy beaches stretching charming all-round tourists. We introduce you to 5 notable tourist destinations in central Vietnam.

1. Da Nang, a dynamic and worthwhile city.

The terrain runs along the beach for more than 60km. Da Nang is a place of natural favor for many beautiful beaches. Beaches such as Nam O, Thanh Binh, Xuan Thieu, My An, My Khe, Non Nuoc, … are very popular with tourists. Once you arrive in Da Nang, you will definitely want to be back.

The popularity of Danang city is not only in beautiful beaches. There are also impressive bridges across the Han River. The Dragon Bridge is honored as one of the 10 most impressive bridges in the world, the bridge turns the Han River to make it easier for boats to pass through at midnight.

Arriving in Da Nang without going to Ba Na Hills, it is missing. Ba Na Hills is located on the top of a mountain and bears the appearance of a European architectural city. Cool natural landscape all year round. Here, you will feel clearly the moment of transferring four seasons in one day.

Sports and arts activities also create a highlight for Danang’s tourism. Especially, when you come to Da Nang, you can also enjoy rich cuisine with all kinds of delicious dishes such as grilled stingrays, seafood such as crab, crab, squid, snail, … fresh and live. Very soft price.

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2. Hoi An ancient colors.

Prominent in the road of Central Vietnam, Hoi An ancient town as a rustic, simple and poetic picture. Whether it is day or night, Hoi An still has different charismatic beauty.

In addition to cultural values ​​through diverse architecture. Hoi An also maintains a rather large intangible cultural foundation.

Daily life of residents with long-standing customs and habits. The religious activities, folk arts, cultural festivals along with poetic natural landscapes, specialty dishes … make Hoi An more and more attractive to tourists.

Hoi An ancient town will make the soul of peace and tranquility. Once a bustling international port with modern architecture. Coming to Hoi An, you can watch the poetic city by taking a boat on Thu Bon River, watching lanterns in the evening, cycling to discover the green fields that lead to Tra Que Vegetable Garden.

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3. Nha Trang and Khanh Hoa tropical sea paradise.

Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination worldwide. Not only beautiful by the natural scenery, Nha Trang is a warm, year-round city full of sunshine. Honored as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Nha Trang has a long running beach embracing the whole city, attracting tourists by the endless white sand beaches.

Nha Trang has a long beach that embraces the whole city. The long coastline captures tourists by the endless white sand beaches

Arriving in Khanh Hoa, not only Nha Trang but also the stunning islands are located offshore. You must visit places such as: Hon Tre, Hon Mun, Monkey Island, Hoa Lan Stream, Yen Island, Nha Phu Lagoon, Dai Lanh Beach, Cam Ranh Long Beach, and even more cannot ignore the “PEACE OF BINH” celebrated.

Not only attracting tourists because of the beautiful scenery, the cuisine of Nha Trang is also a unique culture with rustic but charming dishes such as: jellyfish noodles, fish cakes, fish cakes, … or Fresh seafood dishes are always favored by tourists when they come here.

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4. Hue is poignant.

Thua Thien Hue the ideal place of tourists in the future

Thua Thien Hue is one of the three largest tourist areas in Vietnam. Hue brings a beauty and nostalgia to the ancient capital. In addition to the poetic beauty of the Huong River, Ngu Mountain is famous … visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of Hue’s relics.

Hue Citadel was built with an area of ​​more than 500 hectares, limited by three rings in large, small outer order, including Kinh Thanh, Hoang Thanh and Tu Cam Thanh Citadel, which is a combination of traditional Vietnamese architecture. , the philosophy of Eastern philosophy with the characteristics of Western military architecture.

From the thoughtful look, the advantages of Nguyen kings to the purity of Thien Mu Pagoda or the vastness and vastness of Hue Citadel will bring visitors unforgettable feelings when coming to this place.

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5. Dalat, the dreamy city.

Located on Lam Dong plateau, Da Lat has a cool, peaceful climate, you will enjoy four seasons in a day. Da Lat – the city of dreams, of romance never lacks a name in the list of ideal destinations no matter which season of the year.

The city of dreaming, of romance never lacks the name in the list of ideal destinations

You can drink morning coffee to savor peace, quiet but full of happiness of the plateau city. You can also ride a double bike on Xuan Huong Lake to feel the chill and enjoy the romantic moment with your lover.

Because Dalat is a city of thousands of flowers, so come here, do not miss the opportunity to visit the flower fields, watch the beautiful flowers. In Dalat, there are many delicious and attractive specialties waiting for you to discover.

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