Social distancing: Lockdown is Not Boring

Social distancing: Lockdown is Not Boring

feeling bored

Halt to the routine means halt to the life. In the harsh situation of 21 days lockdown, most of us may be getting bored and finally may land to depression. Just hold on and take things in an easy way.

Think when we all were on our regular routine and asked god for a break. Don’t let this time flew away. More than this disease, our depression will kill our waves of enjoyment in our life.

You wanted this break and now when you got this don’t waste it.

  1. Finally, you are no more a machine. You are a family man, enjoy playing games with your family. Go back to your childhood.
  2. You are no more busy. Spend time on your fitness. Exercise at home. Dance with your family. Start doing family gyming.
  3. Build your looks. Take care of your skin and hair.
  4. Pamper and play with your pets. They were missing you .
  5. Sleep whole day. It was your dream .
  6. Work on your attitude. Self analysis is best analysis. Sit for 15 minutes and analyse your day. Improve your bad habits.
  7. Work on your career.
  8. Just search on your interest fields and know the latest.
  9. Enhance your hobbies.
  10. Pamper yourself by cooking your favourites.
  11. Just open up old memories and see younger you.
  12. Call your old friends and rewind your life to childhood.

List is quite small. We cry for time when we don’t have it. Now you have ample of time. Utilize it. Let this lockdown bring your inner kid out .

Allow yourself to learn from your bad habits. Keep your phone aside and see how beautiful life is.

You yourself, as mush as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. So just pamper yourself. You have lots of time. You will die for it afterwards.

Everyone has some talent, it is up to you to discover and hone it. So chill at home, relax and be safe.


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