(Shocked) Vietnam’s landscapes from above

(Shocked) Vietnam’s landscapes from above

Vietnam – The photos record the beautiful scenes across all regions of Vietnam, from Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang, the floating water season in Dong Thap to the marine rig. Top 10 winning photos from the “Vietnam’s landscapes from a above” have been documenting the country’s most stunning landscapes – Shocked.

Vietnam landscape is full of beauty when lyrical, sometimes very majestic. More excited, more surprised when receiving that beauty from photos taken from above. The Vietnam photography competition, seen from above, was organized by Ho Chi Minh City Photography Association and launched in the middle of 2017, so far, 3389 photos have been sent to the competition.

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Artist Bui Minh Son – member of the jury – shared the jury with satisfaction about the quality of the photos taken. He added: “This is a Vietnamese photography competition from above, which means for all shooting angles from above, not just for photos taken by flycam. Photos taken from high-rise buildings, or from high points, are judged! ”.

Regarding the criteria for judging, photographer Bui Minh Son emphasized: “Since this is a contest to search for printed photos, the judges prioritize beautiful photos in the spirit of joy. There are beautiful pictures, but if the color is too gloomy, it will not be in this contest category.

First prize: Ban Gioc waterfalls.

The image titled ‘Ban Gioc waterfalls’ taken by Nguyen Tan Tuan from HCM City wins the competition’s first prize. Mr. Tuan, the author who won the first prize, said that the above photo was taken on December 1, 2018, when he and his colleagues made the journey of more than 2,000 km from Ho Chi Minh City to Cao Bang: “On the way it rains light, but when the group reached the waterfall, it gradually stopped raining, then it became beautiful and sunshine, we seemed to break when looking at Ban Gi waterfall in the picturesque water season, striking among the four great green areas. Looking from above, each of the billowing cascades poured down and echoed the mountains and forests, giving off white foam, magnificent and magnificent, Ban Gioc deserved to be the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam“

Second prize: Dawn in the city.

Known as ‘Dawn in the city’, this picture by Giang Son clinches second place with a depiction of Ho Chi Minh city. “Since Ho Chi Minh City has Landmark 81 skyscraper with a height of 461.3m, it has become a source of creative inspiration for enthusiasts shooting landscape, especially with shooting angles from above. After working time, I usually spend early morning and evening going to this area to hunt photos, I often take the center of Saigon and at most with Landmark 81 should be all corners around the court The house, whether at dawn, dusk or night dew, is recorded, and the winning photo was taken on the morning of June 19, 2019, a beautiful day, ”said the author.

Third prize: The mist.

The third prize goes to ‘The mist’ by Tran Quang Anh from the central highlands of Lam Dong. According to the photographer, the best time to snap images of the mist and clouds above Da Lat is between April and June from 4:00am to 6:00am. “One of the places I often photograph is the Dalat College of Pedagogy in the mist that passes through like a fairytale frame. When standing on the 4th floor of the school’s tower, you can see the surface of Xuan lake. The tranquil aroma, the panorama of the center of the mountain town with the buildings hidden in the mist and enjoying the endless green stretch of Cu and hilly hills, “said Quang Anh.

Third prize: Fanciful scenery of Fansipan Mount.

The third prize is also awarded to ‘Fanciful scenery of Fansipan Mount’ by Tran Bao Hoa from Binh Dinh province for an image of the peak of Fanispan mountain. “I came to the mountains of Sa Pa, Lao Cai in the early days of January 2019 with the cold and cloudy weather covering the entire path. The spiritual cultural complex with Kim Son Bao Thang stupa fancied itself in At the end of the day, with the floating clouds made me feel like I touched my hands in the Buddha’s realm, at this time, I was engrossed in composing images in the cold of about 2 degrees Celsius for an hour. It was my last shooting here, before the hand was numb from the cold on the roof of Indochina, “Mr. Hoa shared.

Third prize: the central region wakes up.

An artwork “the central region wakes up” showing the Long Coc tea hills in Tan Son district by Nguyen Thi Hai Yen from Phu Tho province is awarded the third prize. Long Coc is thought to be one of the most beautiful tea hills located throughout Vietnam.

Consolation prizes: Harvesting sedges.

This artwork by Nguyen Sanh Quoc Huy from Da Nang depicts workers harvesting sedges.

Consolation prizes: Follow the herd.

The winner of the first prize Nguyen Tan Tuan also bags a consolation prize for his photo of a buffalo herd in Tay Ninh.

Consolation prizes: The Western in floating water season.

The consolation prize goes to a photo by Mai Thanh Chuong from Quang Nam with stunning scenery of the wet season in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap.

Consolation prizes: Colours of Ta Pa.

‘Colours of Ta Pa’ photo by Tran Bao Hoa shows Tri Ton district in An Giang province and is awarded a consolation prize.

Consolation prizes: Traffic Flow.

A consolation prize is also given to the DK1-14 platform photo taken by Ha Thanh Nga from Hanoi.

These are once-in-a-lifetime photos that should be seen and felt.

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    January 6, 2020

    Vietnam – The photos record the beautiful scenes across all regions of Vietnam, from Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang, the floating water season in Dong Thap to the marine rig. Top 10 winning photos from the “Vietnam’s landscapes from a above” have been documenting the country’s most stunning landscapes – Shocked.

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