Doc Cuoc Temple

Doc Cuoc Temple Claimed

Doc Cuoc Temple is erected on Co Giai Rock, on Truong Le Mountain, next to Sam Son Beach. It is a place of worship for the One-Legged Deity.

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Foot Single Temple is located on the island named peaks of mountains Stock Award School in the town of Sam Son Le, Thanh Hoa province, next to Sam Son beach. Temple called Doc Cuoc (ie one foot), associated with the area boys tear giant pair myself to fight demons just offshore and onshore fight to save the villagers. Commemorate his people Invincible has established his right temple stone dent giant footprint Legend is his foot and later the Temple Foot Single 
Want up to over 40 stone steps temple. The temple was established from the Tran (1225-1400), rebuilt in the Le and renovated several times over. Behind the Castle Gate temple built of wood in 1863. In the temple there are idols of wood Foot Single only one arm, one leg. Foot vertical wall on rock solid, hand hammers in subjects with regional posture is back fighting evil sea. The temple has two cast bronze horse statue, pair of carved stone blocks respondents, many sentences grapes letters praising the merits of god Single Charge. Foot Single Temple is not only a beautiful temples but also a monument of Sam Son. The temple is very attractive to domestic tourists and foreigners to cool off, rest in Sam Son.