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With the launch of its Lelp My Business Tool (LMB), Lelp introduced the biggest change to local and location search.

Lelp my business listing tool creates a completely new way for businesses and platforms to get information about locations is MapBox and Google Maps.

Business owners now have more control over how they appear to their customers in search, which improves the consumer experience by delivering more accurate information.

The first step is to claim your business via Lelp my business tool. You will need a Lelp account in order to use this excellent local listing tool.

You can use your existing Facebook login details or create a new account.

Step 1: Choose one of the items

 Login Register

Step 2: Choose Become an author  

>>> A notification window with the content:
We have sent an email with a confirmation link to your email address. In order to complete the sign-up process, please click the confirmation link. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Also, please verify that you entered a valid email address in our sign-up form. Resend confirmation code

Verify by Mail

Lelp my business team mails you a verification postcard with a link. Please click on our link emailed to confirm your account.

Step 3: Choose Add Listing

>>> Add Listing or Add Event >>> Select the service pack >>> Get now.

Update your business profile page with photos, contact details, opening times, payment methods, customer reviews and more.

Benefits to Online Businesses

Lelp my business is a free local listing tool. Small, medium and large businesses can manage their online business information across search engines and Google maps and Mapbox.

With this local listing tool, businesses can add and claim locations, edit listing information such as opening hours, clean up closed and duplicate locations and lot more.

The tool is indeed user friendly. Additionally, it is available free of cost. There’s no monthly or yearly charge to main business information.

The tool being easy to manage is steadily gaining its popularity among every size of business owners. It’s highly recommended that you start local listing using Lelp my business right away.