What is Reviews by Lelp?

Guest reviews are subjective opinions of a guest’s experience.

Many people trust online reviews as a source of information about products and services. As Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand and Vietnam’s leading online business directory, our goal is to help you share your thoughts and recommendations with other like-minded customers, while also giving businesses a chance to hear valuable feedback.

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Honest Review

Can I get in trouble for writing a bad review?

No, you can’t get in trouble for writing a bad, honest review of a business. As long as your review is honest, accurate and meets the site’s Conditions of Use you are welcome to provide positive or negative feedback.


  1. Naturally, reviews are based on guests’ subjective opinions. To remain unbiased, we only remove reviews if they’re deemed irrelevant or against our policies, which require reviews to be genuine, unique, appropriate for a global audience, travel-related, and respectful to the privacy of others.
  2. We always keep an eye out for fraudulent behavior and constantly make sure that our reviews are genuine and reliable. If you want to speak to the team regarding a review, send us a message through your Inbox, selecting Guest Reviews as the subject.