Explore the coffee train street in Hanoi

Explore the coffee train street in Hanoi

Ha Noi – When the sun was out, the darkness faded. On the way, the upstream people rushed back to their families. The streets of Hanoi start to light up. Small hamlets along the train road seem to be more active. The sound of children playing, footsteps of people walking back and forth, the voices of neighbors asking, cooking rattles preparing for dinner … echoing through the space.

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At Kham Thien Street, Le Duan, Phung Hung (Hanoi), places where train routes pass suddenly attract many foreign visitors to visit. A local resident said that there were more than 100 times of foreigners visiting the town on a normal day. At Phung Hung road near Hanoi station, the number of tourists visiting the train road is up to several hundred turns.

Located in centre of Hanoi, the train street today is not only the residence of railroad families. Ms. Mai, who guarded the ship for more than 30 years and retired, said many low-income workers came here to rent. Most come from provinces around Hanoi such as Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho. During the day, young people go to work, young children go to school. A small number of elderly people at home and sparsely visited by tourists, this area is quite deserted. In the evening, the whole family gathered.

If you visit the train street at dusk, you will see any kitchen where you cook. Perhaps, due to work all day, this is also a time for neighbors to have time to chat. From the narrow houses only tens of square meters, the light of electric lights flickered out with a bustling laugh.

The North-South railway was built from the French colonial period. Ever since, people working in the railway industry began building houses by the corridor area. Each house used to be a home of a small hamlet, going from Long Bien station to the end of Le Duan street. For more than 30 years, many generations have lived in this place. There are children born and raised with rails and trains.

19h, foreign tourists gather in the cafes of the city. They leisurely sat down to sip their coffee, ordered a few beers and looked out as if they were waiting for something. Dung, the owner of a coffee shop, said they came here because of the trains. The reason why foreigners know this place, she is unknown. However, many people return 3-4 times. A few minutes later, the train whistle sounded, and she and the others reminded guests to come in and pay attention to stay safe. When the train passed, many people clapped and showed excitement.

If during the day, diners want to sit underneath the train line to breathe the air, zoom into the view of the train, look at the antiquity, then at night the upper floors are preferred by customers to be able to have the panoramic view of the night trains heading towards Hanoi.

Sitting on the ground floor or next to the train road is airy, rustic, then from the upper floor, guests can feel 2 lives, 2 opposites opposing each other. Towards Tran Phu street, it was extremely bustling with busy traffic. In contrast to the other side, it is reminiscent of a Hanoi of a few decades of quiet and ancient before … with deep train tracks that hun do not see the end.

When the trains passed, tourists hurriedly left. The small street returned to its original state. The night was late, the people in the neighborhood still worked hard to do their own jobs. The man tried to finish the unfinished thing, the person looking for a relaxing corner for himself and people like Ms. Mai quickly packed the goods to return home. Each light disappeared. The street of the train road sank in the night. Then tomorrow, when the sun is shining, they start the round with rice, shirt, rice, money …

Seemingly familiar with “death” a few steps from the door, many people are quite subjective. The situation of violations of railway traffic safety corridors is really alarming. “Unexpected happiness, unimaginable painting”, one can predict his fate. A lot of potential risks can occur when the ship derails, people or things get entangled when the train passes because the hull is very big, … surely only a small problem will cause great harm to many people.

In the face of whether Vietnamese people can make use of railways for tourism, the representative of the authorities said that with the railways, roads being exploited, any acts affecting the corridor Safety is against the law. People may find it strange because of curiosity, but opening a cafe or trading on the tracks is very dangerous to life, cannot be called a culture!

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