Covid-19, The latest pandemic of 21st century is an infectious disease caused by a new recently discovered novel coronavirus. Originating from Wuhan, China now whole world is facing consequences of this virus.

What’s so dangerous about the disease is its so common symptoms and a very easy mode of transmission. Like other viral diseases: FEVER ,DRY COUGH, SORE THROAT AND SHORTNESS OF BREATH are common symptoms along with a travel history or close contact with covid 19 patient asking you to visit a doctor.

Be conscious but not over conscious Go to doctor only if required. Unnecessary stress on doctors may harm effectiveness of their fight against Covid-19.

China wuhan coronavirus maps
3D illustration of Coronavirus, virus which causes SARS and MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Spread, the most worst part of the disease! A simple handshake can lead you in the trap of this disease. Corona has a big attitude, it will not enter your home until you go and invite it.

Irony of disease is that, up to 14 days virus is in complete silent state in infected person and he may unknowingly infect many more during this period. When he sneezes , droplets can stand by in surrounding and your mere touch is enough to set danger for you and your loved ones.

the coronavirus, China
Originating from Wuhan, China now whole world is facing consequences of this virus.

Prevention is always better than cure! This line is more soundful when we know that till date we actually don’t have any cure. 

Every single person need to cooperate and your cooperation is so simple, just stay at home.

Covid-19: Stay at Home - Be the Safe
Covid-19: Stay at Home – Be the Safe. Social distancing
  1. Social distancing is the only cure, Stay home! Do that for sure.
  2. Wash your hands regularly and wear a mask if available, save many lives by doing these 2 simple things.
  3. Immunity is everything, Eat healthy and be safe!
  4. Stop spreading rumours, its more dangerous than tumors.
  5. Sit home and pray, Bye Bye handshake! Come back to Namaste.

COVID-19 has come along lots of rumours which must be avoided:

  • NRI’s are NOT the only one in risk
  • Using saline water for gargles and keeping pickle in the mouth won’t protect you
  • Medical treatment without doctors advise can be deadly
  • Change in weather don’t affect the virus

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons; green leafy vegetables and nuts like almonds which will boost your immunity. Sanitize your hands and surroundings. Housewives are requested not go near fire immediately after sanitizing their hand as it may catch fire.

Keep Safe from Wuhan Coronavirus
Keep Safe from Wuhan Coronavirus

Wash your hands for at least 1 minute or sanitize your hand for at least 20 seconds.

Asthmatic Patients, Elderly people , children and people with other chronic illness like diabetes, hypertension should be dealt with extra care.

They must carry mask along. Although N-95 is best mask to be used but u can use surgical mask. If nothing is available simple handkerchief can be folded and a napkin can be put in between the folds and then its ready to use as a mask.

Keep in mind never touch your mask from middle. Don’t use disposable mask more then 6 hours.

Sneeze by using your arm fold and don’t use your hands while sneezing

Keep separate footwear for going out. All workers helping in dealing with the situation are requested to take extra care of themselves and their family by properly sanitizing their hands regularly.

Worldwide COVID-19 map — a timeline of the coronavirus outbreak
Worldwide COVID-19 map — a timeline of the coronavirus outbreak

LATEST: Total cases as of April 18: Coronavirus Cases: 2,265,345, Deaths: 154,901 and Recovered: 581,343. (Last updated: 18:45 pm).

According to recent search disease is found to be air borne. It stays in air for 8 hours. So do wear mask. Trust don’t panic! Majority of the people(80%) will not require any treatment but 20% may need hospitalization.

Its about your immunity, so stay healthy, stay hygienic and stay home.

  • Dispel the myths of corona scare,
  • Imbibe correct knowledge and become aware,
  • Follow cough etiquettes, hand hygiene and personal acre
  • Spread a word of precaution though your share.
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