A coffee-lover’s guide to the world

A coffee-lover’s guide to the world

Mmmmm, coffee. This hot, aromatic beverage is celebrated worldwide – and many people simply can’t function until they’ve had their first cup of the morning.

Whether you prefer a classic filter brew or an exotic caffeine-infused smoothie, we’ve picked the best destinations to indulge in the world’s finest coffee.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is the birthplace of coffee. Traditional ceremonies can easily last two hours as they celebrate the communal process of brewing and drinking coffee.

If you prefer a casual café, local favourites include Tomoca and the Lime Tree. Street vendors also sell hot coffee in tiny porcelain cups that’ll give you an instant energy boost. Located in Bole, the Golden Tulip Addis Ababa is just a few steps from the city’s top coffee spots.

Ipoh, Malaysia

The popular Malaysian white coffee originated in Ipoh’s Old Town, where inventive market traders tailored traditional brewing processes to local tastes. Roasting the coffee beans in margarine – and without added sugar – gives them a pure taste and mild aroma. Add a splash of condensed milk, and you’ve got a rich, steaming cup that’s best enjoyed overlooking the jungle at the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat.

Salento, Colombia

Salento is the heart of Colombia’s Zona Cafetera region, where much of the world’s coffee is produced at high altitude. Plantations here offer guided tours, covering everything from growing to grinding. As an added bonus, Salento is close to the tropical landscape of Cocora Valley, part of Los Nevados National Natural Park. High in these treetops, you’ll find the Hotel Reserva Monarca, known for its beautiful views from the sun terrace and hot tub.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Drinking Vietnamese coffee is an adventure. Stray beyond the classic filter coffee and treat your tastebuds to a slightly more indulgent ‘sua chua ca phe’ (yoghurt coffee). If you’re a fan of tiramisu, try a creamy ‘ca phe trung’ – coffee with a rich froth made from egg yolk and condensed milk. Edenstar Saigon Hotel is based in District 1, conveniently close to the coffee stalls of Ben Thanh Street Food Market.

Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s coffee capital sees a new café open every week. The competition is stiff, so establishments attempt to outdo each other with eccentric interior design, creative presentation and an elaborate choice of hot and cold beverages. Others stick to the bare basics: quality ground beans, brewed in small batches to make the perfect filter coffee. At the Crown Towers, guests are spoiled with gorgeous skyline views and helpful staff, who are a great source of recommendations for local cafés.

Lviv, Ukraine

In the medieval city of Lviv, traditional coffee houses – complete with arched ceilings and small marble-top tables – have been around for centuries. They serve up everything from steaming Turkish ‘sand’ coffee to creamy Austrian varieties, best accompanied by slices of ‘syrnyk’, a Ukrainian cheesecake. Right in the centre is the historic Astoria Hotel, known for its fine restaurants.

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