6 hotels that keep it green

6 hotels that keep it green

It’s never been cheaper or easier to travel the globe. As people reach ever farther-flung corners of the world, they’ve also become aware of their potential impact on the environment. The good news is that there’s a wealth of eco-friendly accommodation options out there, and some of the coolest can be found on Wegofind.com.

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From lodges and hotels, to huts and cabins, you can continue to discover the most awesome places on the planet, all while reducing your carbon footprint and making your friends green with envy – or just plain green.

STF Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge – Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

This lodge is all about getting back to nature. Set amid spruce forests in central Sweden, Kolarbyn’s moss-clad timber huts look like wooden wigwams, each with their own fireplace and sheepskin quilts inside. You’ll have to make do without electricity and running water, but there’s something satisfying about chopping your own firewood, grilling your own meals and picking blueberries from your own roof. Plus, little luxuries like the wood-fired floating sauna make the effort all worthwhile.

Montaña Mágica Lodge – Huilo Huilo, Chile

Cloaked in branches, this all-wooden lodge blends in with the Patagonian Rainforest like a living organism. Here, ‘normal’ equals waterfalls running through reception, frog choruses lulling you to sleep, and softly chirping chucao birds acting as alarm clocks. Ecological buffets are dished up for breakfast and dinner, while the TV-less rooms encourage you to catch up on reading, head for the spa – or best of all, connect with the natural world outside.

Topas Ecolodge – Sa Pa, Vietnam

This remote lodge gives a true taste of Vietnamese village life. It shares its reservoir with rice farmers and employs mostly locals, so you’ll get a feel for the area’s distinct culture during your stay. The thatched-roofed, stone bungalows have reclaimed-wood furniture, private bathrooms and balconies that overlook terraced paddy fields. There’s even a spa where you can take a traditional herbal bath in wooden tubs that boast epic views of the Hoang Lien mountains.

Thonga Beach Lodge – Mabibi, South Africa

If you’re into wildlife, this laid-back lodge is a great base for exploring tropical forests or snorkelling with dolphins and sea turtles. Built on stilts, the beach-hut rooms are made from wood, thatch and reeds, with large windows facing onto scenes of unforgettable natural beauty. Fans, mosquito nets, and moulded stone baths ensure your comfort, while generous spreads of locally sourced food add some exotic local flavour to your stay.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa – Torres del Paine, Chile

Combining natural elements with forward-thinking design, this eco-conscious hotel segues smoothly with the breathtaking landscape of Torres del Paine National Park. Even from the inside, you feel connected to nature. From the luxury spa pool, you can survey the majestic sight of Sarmiento Lake and Cordillera Paine through panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. In each room, modern amenities like in-room bathtubs dovetail seamlessly with handmade furniture and regional textiles that showcase exquisite local craftsmanship.

Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes – Friday Harbor, USA

This resort is as green as they come. As well as offering a secluded getaway in the fir forests of San Juan Island, the property promotes sustainable tourism. You can choose from plush rooms with fireplaces, authentic log cabins with BBQ terraces, or upscale tents complete with hot water bottle tuck-in service. Staff can also help to arrange activities such as fishing, sea kayaking and whale watching.

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