10 Great Future Jobs For Generation Z in Singapore

10 Great Future Jobs For Generation Z in Singapore

If you were born after 1995, you’re considered a part of Generation Z. You were brought up during a time, when Singapore and the rest of the world was experiencing a technological revolution and this will play a major impact your job prospects. What jobs will be best for those born within this era? You’ll be able to find out below.

Registered Nurse

Some career fields come and go, but there is always a high demand within the healthcare industry. Becoming a registered nurse is a wise choice and can brighten up the remainder of your life. Just remember that you’ll need to meet all requirements and qualifications set forth by the nursing board within the area. This type of career will provide you with a good income and you’ll never have to worry about a diminished jobs market. Nurses are nearly always in high demand.

Financial Planner

Throughout the world and throughout the years, people and businesses have had great difficulty attempting to manage their assets and income. In order to remain out of debt and to keep their finances afloat, these individuals and entities turn to financial planners. These professionals prepare plans for businesses and individuals that contain various information, such as cash flow management, investment planning, financial risk assessment, and tax planning. The career can be high paying with experience and the demand for such professionals will surely increase within the coming years.

Human Resources Manager

If you happen to be good with people, you may want to transform your gift of gab into a full-fledged career. You can do so, by becoming a human resources manager. The career field is expected to grow by as much as 9% within the coming years. These individuals are responsible for working directly with employees, while attempting to enhance their performances. They’ll also manage payroll, benefits, workforce planning, and employee training. So, the career field is very rewarding, high paying and well worth the venture.

Environmental Engineer

Over the past few years, humans have become much more concerned about the environment. The need to address and rectify waste, global warming, and ozone depletion has helped to increase the need for environmental engineers. Within the company years, the demand for these professionals is forecasted to increase as much as 12%! So, entering into the field would be a wise choice and the pay is yet another reason to consider following this career path. Those that align with the Generation Z crowd will play a major role in protecting the environment and creating a beautiful, sustainable Earth, which will last for future generations.

Software Developer

Software and computers have become an integral aspect of modern society. More and more companies rely on computer software to enhance their productivity, advertise their products, and address their customer’s consumers. It is safe to say that the demand for software developers will explode over the next ten years or so. Many members of the Generation Z clique are already incredibly computer savvy, since they grew up with them, so entering this type of career field is truly a no-brainer. Software development comes with an assortment of benefits, such as excellent pay and the potential for good employee benefits.

Another thing to consider is that software development will give you the ability to impact a large quantity of the population. Thousands could rely on your work each and every day and this can help to make the career very rewarding.

Market Research Analyst

Companies all around the world are forced to combat some degree of competition. In order to beat back the competition and convince the consumer to do business with their company, these groups need to perform market research and directly advertise to their potential clients. There is where a good market research analyst will enter the picture. These individuals are hired by companies of all sizes to analyze and gather statistics regarding a specific market or group of customers. Once the information has been acquired, the company will be able to formulate a much more effective business strategy and marketing plan, which will ultimately increase their profits.

By becoming a market research analyst, you’ll be able to play a vital role in a company’s success. You’ll conduct customer surveys and interviews, while passing along the information and bettering the company in the process. The demand for market research analysts is expected to increase by nearly 20% by 2024, so the job market for these professionals is massive. To make the career even more attractive, the pay can be excellent.


Personal assistants or secretaries are in high demand, since they are used in many different settings. A secretary has many responsibilities with the main one being management support. The individual must possess proficient administrative and communication skills, since they will be need to correspond with clients on a professional level. A more skilled executive secretary will excel in the business, but a general secretary will prosper, as well.

Customer Service Representatives

There is much job availability in customer service and this is only going to expand into the future. A customer service representative must be able to handle all sorts of customer complaints, as well as finding a suitable solution for each. Most representatives are trained on the jobsite, so very little skills are required, except for basic computer and communication skills.

Food Preparation

Fast food service and delivery is a thriving business in Singapore. In fact, the fast food and formal dining industry is expected to boom in the near future. This will open up many employment opportunities for the Generation Z employee. Of course, these are not high paying jobs, but there is some room to expand into a supervisory or management position.

Internet Security Analyst

Internet security continues to be a popular topic and with so many retail chains, startup and long-term companies joining the e-commerce business world, there will be many job opportunities for security analyst. This career can be challenging at times, especially with the many security system flaws that plague online businesses. The Internet security analyst is responsible for developing security policies, implementing employee training, and analyzing and improving the company’s security system.

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