10 best part time jobs in Singapore

10 best part time jobs in Singapore

Singapore – Are you in need of money, looking for work experience or looking for a flexible timing jobs for your career? Here’s the 10 best part-time jobs in Singapore that are popular among Singaporean.

Delivery Service Agents

If you have a vehicle or pmd, you should consider becoming a delivery service agent. This is a great part-time career for college students or anyone with free time. Its also becoming a popular choice as a full-time jobs as earning can reach up to more than 3k per month! The job duties of a delivery service agent involve transporting items from a business or organization to a recipient. You will be responsible for picking up, transporting, and delivering the item to the recipient in a timely manner.

Game Beta Tester

There are a variety of game companies in world. Some of these companies design and develop video games and needs huge amount of people to test it before launching. If you are a fan of video games, you could become a game beta tester. The job duties of a game beta tester are to locate glitches and other flaws in video games. If you enjoy video gaming and love to be the first few players to have early access, this is the job for you. Earning while playing games is a dream job for some. Here’s a company that have connection with many big video games company, it start with a free trial and start testing games!

Home Tutor

If you are a college student or someone educational, you could earn a little extra cash as a home tutor. Many parents who desire their children to attend university or college after high school will hire tutors. The job duties of a home tutor are to travel to the pupil’s home or other scheduled location and conduct tutoring lessons. Some home tutors work with individual pupils while others work with multiple pupils in a single household.


Housekeeping job opportunities are plentiful in Singapore. Most household have parents who are both working, in order to spare some time for rest, most will hire housekeepers to help them with their daily cleaning duties. Being a housekeeper is very rewarding. The job duties of a housekeeper are extensive. To keep things simple, the homeowner will generally create a cleaning plan for their housekeeper. It will be your responsibility to perform the job duties per the homeowner’s plan.


If you think you are pretty, talented or have some skills that no one has, you can try to be an influencer part time. With social media, you are able to excess to millions of people not just Singapore. Test the market and see if your face or talent are well liked by the internet. With a certain amount of followers, you are able to generate up to 6 figures per year.


Are you skilled in programming or designing? If so, you should think about getting involved in the web development or apps industry. Companies and people all around the world need websites and apps. You can solve this problem. Becoming a freelance developer or designer can be tough but it’ll pay off dividends. With this skill, you’ll be able to help people set up websites or apps that will attract millions of visitors. Your work will be there and this is something you can be proud of. You can start of building your portfolio by helping friends or families set up websites.

Personal Trainer

Unfortunately, obesity has become a major problem. There is a good chance that you know people who are out of shape and obese. Well, you should know that you can help deal with this problem. By becoming a personal trainer in Singapore, you can help these people get back on track. This will make a big difference. You’ll be able to empower these people and help them change for the better. The pay can be very good. You should expect to earn as much as $26 an hour.

Again, you know that you’re going to be doing something good. You’re going to be helping people and making their lives so much better.

Tour Guide

Singapore is a wonderful country and you know more about it than anyone. You’ve lived here your entire life. Well, you should think about putting your knowledge to work for you. As a tour guide, you’ll be able to make money while showing people around Singapore. This can be fun and rewarding. You’ll get the chance to mingle with tourists and that can be very exciting. As a tour guide in Singapore, you can earn roughly 37 SGD per hour.

That is reasonable considering how much fun you’re going to be having along the way. If you want to get to know people and you love your country, you should become a tour guide!

Customer Service

One of the most common jobs is working on customer service sector, it’s a quick and easy entry job with a decent pay of $10 per hour. It’s a enjoyable job for people who love to interact with people. A good start for students who are looking for some money and learn experience from the front side of services.

Freelance Writer

According to statistics, there are more than 1.5 billion websites on the Internet and more being added each day. If you possess good writing skills, you should consider becoming a freelance writer. This is the ideal career for single mothers, people with disabilities, and anyone in need of a little extra cash. Your job responsibilities will involve preparing and writing articles for webmasters, companies, and organizations. You can get access to global companies and write for them here.

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