10 Best Nail Salon in Singapore

10 Best Nail Salon in Singapore

Here is a list of the 10 best nail salon in Singapore. Hands and feet need as much care as any other part of the body. And Singaporeans love pampering their hands and feet.

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The Jewel Nails

Jewel Nails is one of the best nail salons in Singapore, which offers luxury beauty indulgences for your hands and feet. Their signature services include the Polish manicures, gel manicures and the most popular French manicure. They also offer waxing and facial threading services. The Jewels spa also has a sterilization centre to ensure that the equipment are kept clean for every customer. Another wonderful feature of the Jewel Spa is that they allow customers to customize their pedicures. You can decide on the scrubs and creams to be uses. The Jewel Nails Salon is very reasonable, provides good service and has a clean and beautiful ambience.


The Pixie Nail Spa

The Pixie Nail Spa is a cozy and elegant place to relax while your nails are being taken care of. Apart from the Manicure and Pedicure services, the Pixie Nail Salon also offers a nail spa package, nail treatments and nail art. They also offer waxing hair removal. Every package has been designed to provide an affordable yet quality service for customers. This Spa makes use of premium products for treatments and has a wide selection of nail polish shades. The Nail art works are cute and fabulous. The moment you walk into the Pixie Nail Salon you are bound to get mesmerized by the decor, the warm and courteous staff and the extensive menu.

Summer Nails Salon

The Summer Nails Salon is not a very luxurious salon and don’t expect to experience any premium treatments here. The Summers Nails Spa provides the basic pedicure and manicure services and lets customers choose from a huge selection of nail colours. The pedicure services begin from $30. They provide special packages for children below 10 years of age and for those in their teens. You can also make use of their weekday promotions that offer great discounts on various services. If you are looking for a quick fix of your nails, then the Summer Nails Salon will not disappoint you.

Bejeweled Nail Salon

The Bejeweled Nail Salon offers facials and hair removal services along with the nail treatments. The technicians are very creative and make amazing unique designs for nail art. This is a fabulous place to enjoy a relaxing nail spa after a long and tiring day. The basic manicures cost $25 and the standard pedicures will cost you $35. You can also try out the popular Holistic foot treatment and the organic spa treatment for the hands and feet. Foot scrubs are also available for $20.


Home Nails

If you want premium foot and hand care then pay a visit to this centrally located amazing Nail Salon. You can choose from there wide range of spa services to relax without paying too much. The skilled technicians have a minimum experience of 4 years which ensures that you are in good hands. The services provided at Home Nails include the manicures, pedicures, bridal nail arts and a 3 nail art service. Home Nails also offer frequent promotions and discounts to offer clients quality service at a cheaper price.

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Nail Queen

The Nail Queen specializes in bridal nail art. The products are of premium quality. It uses the gel imported from USA and Korea that are safe for use even by pregnant women. The Salon has a relaxed setting and very friendly staff. You get to munch on some yummy treats and a cup of tea while your nails are taken care of. The manicures and pedicures begin for a price of $12 and $15 respectively. Waxing, threading and a luxury sauna for the hands and feet are also available.


Summer Haven

This is a family nail salon. There is something for everyone in the family. All premium services can be availed at the Summer Haven without burning a hole in your pocket. You can choose from the Basic Nail care to the luxurious nail care spa treatments. The Nail art at the Summer Haven is also very popular; it includes 3-D art and nail art with accessories such as pearls, crystals, rhinestone etc. Summer Haven also hosts parties such as bachelorette or bachelor party, corporate functions, anniversaries etc. Groups can have a fun and relaxing experience at Summer Haven.

Nail Palace

The Nail Palace offers good services but at an expensive pricing. The feet and hand services are wonderful and the people are very amicable. The newly launched Hydro Spa offers hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, ozone treatment and far infrared treatment for the various ailments and injuries in the body. Offers all the typical manicure and pedicure services. The nail art designs are also very impressive. The professionalism and the use of sterilised and clean equipment for every client is a major attractive feature of the Nail Palace.

Elegant Nails

Elegant nails have been in business for a long time and they continue to maintain the quality and elegance in their work till this day. The spa is best for mani and pedi services. They are not a rip-off, in fact you can get a basic manicure for $20 and pedicure for $35 without the foot soak. You can also get amazing facials and clean threading done here. The features that you will end up liking at the Elegant nails is the flawless service, the remarkable outcome, quality products, interesting treatments and attentive staff.

The Nail Salon

This is my favourite because it stays true to the phrase-beauty with a cause. This salon employs single mothers and women from financially trodden families, as nail technicians. This Salon provides a remarkable service and a very extensive menu for the men also. Clients can also enjoy fresh lemonade when they are getting their nails done. The products used at Nail Salon are completely organic and cruelty-free. You can choose the nail colour from a range of 100 OPI colors. The salon also has a separate area for selling accessories such as slippers and shiny trinklets.

Nail in Singapore
Nail in Singapore

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