10 Best Laundry Service and laundromat in Singapore

10 Best Laundry Service and laundromat in Singapore

Laundry services are one of the most essential requirements of everyone in today’s world. As people in Singapore is getting busier each day and have no time to take care of themselves. Neat and clean clothes make a person look presentable.

So people make sure to wear clean, ironed clothes due to which laundry services have become very popular nowadays.

Below are some of the best laundry services in Singapore that provide unique services using quality washing products so that the clothes retain their quality and colour.

Ocean Wash

This is a 24-hour fast and efficient laundry service with coin changing machines providing quality service to the customers and taking less than an hour to clean and dry the clothes as the advanced washing system requires just 29 minutes completing the task. The washing system accommodates around 20kg of laundry thereby saving time and energy. They even provide free high quality washing chemicals and also provide dry cleaning services with free one minute cooling. The washing cost along with additional free detergent and softener is around $5 for 11kg laundry, $7 for 16kg laundry and $9 for 20kg laundry for normal wash and the cost of dry cleaning of 16kg laundry is around $1 per five minutes.


Chengworld Enterprise

They provide a fuss-free laundry and dry cleaning service to their customers in Singapore. Their services are done using improved machines which are operated by professionals at reasonable rates. They provide free pickup and delivery of laundry, but one has to make an appointment at least one day before with minimum ordered values of the laundry pick up and service. They carefully listen to their clients’ instructions and communicate with them to make sure that the products are collected, washed and cleaned, and returned in proper condition maintaining the quality of the products. Any instructions by the customers can be given at any time of the day through email or order form.


Keep Calm and Laundry On

This is a professional laundry service that provides the value for money, convenience and better quality of the products. They ensure that theitems are picked up and delivered at the right time without missing any delivery schedule. They offer free delivery only in case of orders that value more than $35. They clean items like clothes, curtains, carpets, bed linens, etc. and for those items which do not require ironing; they wash, fold, pack and deliver those items. With their quality service, you will save money and time from travelling as your items are collected and delivered by them.



This Company provides the first on-demand app for laundry in Singapore from where you order the service and they pick up the items at your convenient date and time from your house. After cleaning the clothes, they deliver them at your place, thereby saving your precious time and money. They offer competitive prices and the delivery schedule is flexible. The staffs behave very nicely and listen to your instructions carefully so that your items are well cleaned, sharp as well as smooth. Their services include laundry, dry cleaning and ironing all at reasonable rates so that you don’t pay much unnecessarily for laundry services.

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Spic & Span

This is a professional and hassle-free laundry and dry cleaning service provider based in Singapore. They provide much more convenience and efficiency than your own washing machine and offer free laundry pickup and delivery if you order at least one day before. For same day pickup and delivery, you have to pay extra $5. Their services are done by state of the art dry cleaning and laundry machines that are operated by experts. The working hours are from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm during the weekdays and from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. Their services are closed on public holidays and on Sundays.

Wonder Wash

This is a self-service, 24-hours Laundromat in Singapore. This was initiated in 2010 and since then this has opened various outlets. The large capacity drying machines can dry huge amount of items within just 30 minutes. They provide reasonable rates for washing and drying services to their customers and maintain their machines at a high cleanliness and hygiene level so that their customers get their cleaned products with the same quality. Customers will need only one hour in this self-service Laundromat to clean and dry laundry so they can save time and also energy as the Laundromat has got technologically advanced machines.

Cotton Care

Cotton Care is a leading laundry service company in Singapore. There is free laundry pickup and delivery services at Cotton Care with a 7-days turnaround time. This is one of the first few companies that started the concept of laundry pickup and delivery services in Singapore. Laundry not only requires physical energy of a person, but also needs a lot of time. Cotton Care makes it simple for you as they tackle your clothes with utmost care. During laundry collection, the collector physically counts the items, provides an invoice stating the expected delivery date and time and takes 50% deposit amount. So you have a hassle-free laundry service.

Duo Nini Laundry

With more than 20 years of experience, this laundry and dry cleaning Service Company in Singapore is serving the industry by providing quick and quality services to satisfy the customers. This is the only place where 3-hours express service is provided. They provide utmost care and precautions in washing and dry cleaning your items using the method best suited to the materials. It is open every day and you can at your convenient time. More than 20 workers are employed to serve their clients’ items with proper care and maintenance. The company has been serving more than 20 collection outlets for laundry services island-wide.

Singapore Laundry

This is a leading, quality laundry service company for washing, cleaning and ironing your clothes in Singapore. They provide laundry pickup and delivery services free of cost to their regular customers to save time and maintain their own reputation in the market. They employ trained professionals to wash and dry clean the garments who use advanced technological methods. Any stained clothes are treated separately. Dry cleaning is done using highly advanced machines where the use of water is less. Laundry cleaning is done by using water and high quality detergents. After cleaning, steam ironing is done and the items are folded and packed carefully to deliver at your place.

The above mentioned laundry services in Singapore provide for all the facilities involved in laundry and dry cleaning in the most convenient way by saving your time and money.

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