10 Best Hair Salon in Singapore

10 Best Hair Salon in Singapore

Singapore is filled with hair salon everywhere within your block, sometimes we have a hard decision on which salon to go to.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the area’s top hair salons. In the event of a hairdo emergency, one of these salons will be able to fix you within a jiffy. Below, you’ll find a rundown of best hair salon in Singapore.

Jeric Salon


Jeric Salon is a unique leading salon that introduce creative fashionable hairstyles adding with best customer services and top graded products. Friendly staffs are delighted to pamper guest at every single service touch-point and enjoy a sensory journey using natural essential oils and a stress-relieving head & shoulder massage before or after service.

Furthermore, Hair products are plant-based and eco-friendly to ensure guest are treated with a healthy and wellness choice. Jeric Salon has a strong mission align with Aveda and will retail solely Aveda haircare products at the salon. Jeric believe that ladies are special and they should be accorded the attention and care they deserve.

Address: B4-48 ION Orchard
Contact: 6509 9709

Brush Hair Salon


Brush Hair Salon is an international hair salon located in Telok Ayer offering a wide range of hair services from haircut, hair bonding to treatment, etc. They have a team of hairstylists with great experience and skills to provide customers with trendy and fashionable Korean hairstyle. With their well-qualified recommendation, they will ensure that customers will walk out with hairstyles that suits each individual personality.

Brush Hair Salon strive to provide customer a cosy and relaxing environment during waiting, cutting and washing of hair. Staffs are well-trained to provide professional customer service to ensure the expectations and comfort needs of every customer is met. Steam towel and massage are provided after washing. Wifi and Mobile charger are also available to customers. They strive to make every customer feel their vision of “Pamper yourself, look good, and feel good!”.


LEEKAJA is one of the leading hair salons in Korea having more than 200 stores over the world including Singapore which is located at Mandarin Gallery. They aim to provide their reputed service and experience to Singaporean by meeting customers expectation of stylist haircut and giving them a great atmosphere by having a barista to offer coffee and drinks to customers.

Often times, the salons have been mistaken for being a café, but many customers end up exceeding their expectation of this incredible hair salon. Fresh food and beverages are offered to customers like freshly squeezed juices and Korean style biscuits. Combining a service with a cultured environment seems to try to make customers having a “Starbucks” feel and will make customers wants to enjoy the experience again and again.

They are also very confident with their hair cutting skills and customer first service that they offer an 8-day promise of retouching if customers are not happy with their hair services. This truly shows the reason why they have hundreds of salons worldwide as customers always prefer a place with good skills and good customer service experience.



michaela hair salon in Singapore

MICHAELA is a hair salon in Singapore focusing on Japanese style haircut. Their company focuses on providing quality service, caring your hair with good products and giving great hospitality to customers. Their hairstylist has worked with international magazines photoshoots and have competed in various hairdressing competition which shows that their skills are always up to standard.

Quality – They only provide treatments and spas that will not damage your hair. Hair stylists have learned from top level hair cutting skills from Japan that will create a perfect hairstyle for each individual customer while protecting their hair quality.

Care – They are the first hair salon to implement a water purification machine that usually appears in food manufacturing level. They used filter water to eliminate substance that can harm your hair such as chlorine and fluorine.

Hospitality – They have a kid’s room for busy mothers that needs to bring their kids along. This offer great relief to 24hrs mum. They also provide quick and effective treatment for mothers who have little time for themselves.

MICHAELA understands that having good quality hair makes a haircut looks even better thus they focus passionately on treat the hair with care and quality.

Hera Hair Beauty

Hera Hair Beauty was founded in 2012 with a group of experienced famous expat hair stylists who have the same vision on creating an amazing experience and service to customers. Many of them had worked before on the international stage where they style celebrities. They are able to listen to customer’s expectation and recommend them with the latest fashionable trending hairstyles.

Taking pride in their skills and customer service so much that they even offer a 100% refund or re-do the service within 7 days. It shows their commitment to attend to customers’ needs and requirements to ensure happy customers.

Their services range from hair services like haircut, hair treatment to even nails and makeup. Their staffs are skills in many areas that are able to cater to every individual. These skilful and attentive services has reflected well on their high satisfaction rate of happy and loyal customers.

Scissors Paper Stone

Scissors Paper Stone is a unique hair salon that specialize on cutting hair for kids. They are very experience in providing hair cutting service to children in a safe and fun environment. Their vision is to allow kids to enjoy the hair cutting experience and not to hate it.

Their Scissors Paper Stone store name has a special meaning which Scissors means the hair grooming service, Paper means education and Stone means sports and fitness. It’s a one-stop service place that provide not just hair salon services. Its help to bring a fun and happy experience to kids so they would repeatedly visit them again. This special and fun environment also helps to reduce the burden for families the need to organize different activities in different location. Kids can enjoy productive learning without the travelling around and parents can have their own free time.

Scissors Paper Stone truly solve a needs for busy parents who are looking for some time to not only rest but also have more time to be together alone improving their relationship.


Hairloom salon is founded in 2008 aims to offer customers the best craft of hair styling. They are confident in their skills that are passed down from generations. The skills are continuously refined and improving to serve customers latest and trending hairstyle.

They have a healthy working environment that treat their staff as family where they work, play and learn together. This also helps to promote an effective and efficient effect towards customer service.

Hairloom focus on improving their hair cutting skills by attending to training, competitions and seminars every year so that they can provide customers with fashionable hairstyle. They also focus on giving a unique and creative touch to suit each individual hair and style so that customers can walk out of the door confidently.

Shunji Matsuo

Shunji Matsuo is a hair salon that focus on providing latest cutting-edge Japanese street fashion and pop culture hairstyle. Their vision is to create a creative style that suits each personality of the customers. They key to providing it is to communicate well with customers on what they want and recommend them with good advice. This is the reason why the staff are called Hair Communicationists. They enjoy treating customers like king and make sure the service is up to customer’s satisfaction.

Shunji Matsuo only used the highest standard products and up to date technology to service their customers. High quality products from brands like L’oreal, Shiseido, Aveda, etc. Nano steam technology are used for hair treatment to deeply moisture and penetrates customer’s hair. It helps to unclogged the pores by eliminating hair product residue and dirt from the root of the hair. It also has an effect of removing stress and tension helping customers to restore their mind.

Act Point Salon

Those looking for an incredibly friendly, yet totally professional, Singapore hair salon would be wise to check out Act Point Salon. Hairstylist all have a minimum training of 2 years and quarter skill training each year, they are all well qualified to serve you with the best technique and skills for your hair. You are guaranteed to have a great hairstyle in Act Point Salon.

During your visit, you’ll also receive tips for blow drying and styling your hair! The group wants to ensure that their masterpieces will remain intact and maintain their beauty for many months to come, so they’re more than willing to share their secrets.

In order to provide customers with the best hair care, they choose to only use the premier hair products from Shiseido, Joico and Redken. They understand each of the brand product very well and know which product suits each individual. This is the reason why they are chosen as Shiseido’s Professional Hair Educators.

Hair Plus

Those that are looking for a Singapore hair salon, which has extensive experience, should look no further than Hair Plus. The group’s Far East Plaza facility has been in business for over 10 years and it has managed to maintain an immaculate reputation. When utilizing the services provided by Hair Plus, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be working hand in hand with a thoroughly experience Korean hairstylist.

They are established in Singapore to cater to the needs of Korean hairstyles due to k-wave pop culture. Their creative team are very skilful in recommending you a Korean hairstyle to suit each person making you as good as K-pop idol.

Hair Plus offers many innovative services, including Balong Perm, Korean Digital Perm, Magic Volume Rebonding, and even a C-Curl Perm. If you’re looking for something original and breathtaking, you’ve got to check out Hair Plus today!



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